For a More Innovative
and Free Future
Acafine Company has been meeting the demands and needs of
the whole world's internet since 2010
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There is no point in the global world that the internet can not reach. At the beginning of the 21st century, we started to use the internet different for our needs and wishes and this sector is seen as the most popular sector of your near future.

You know that we owe every discovery to the power of asking for unending curiosity and more of mankind. And we know that this request will continue on the internet. That's why we just don't meet your desires and needs on the internet, also we provide you with an early visit to the near future.

Acafine Founded
December 2010
Acafine Entering Game
April 2016
Sorcial Founded
June 2016
Allfocus Founded
November 2016
Company Founded in America
November 2017
Asvala Founded
May 2018
Our Projects

Acafine company currently has many different projects that are continuing actively.

Number of projects in progress
7 Projects

The company which continues to grow with new projects every day, aims to become a holding company with 15
at the target of 2020.